No Bones About It

Inside every adventurer is a skeleton waiting to come out.

Upon defeating Glass Finger our misfitting band of misly fitting questionable heroe return to the mayor for their reward. Gifting them with thousands of gold pieces, they are further granted a boon when the priest of the temple of Selune lets them place a piece of equipment upon the temple altar and blesses their weapons and armor in various ways.

Returning from whatever shadow he had disappeared to, Duke the rogue took this opportune time to slide into place with the group and get a reward for just being there; as rogues usually do. But in the time he was gone, Duke had trained, explaining to the team the lurid details of how he grew in dextrous ways via a short montage. Now all that was left was to undergo the last leg of the journey to Mount Kilimanjaro. After bargaining with the slimiest used horse dealer in the town, the team rides off with five of the fastest warhorses they had ever laid eyes on, with the promise of returning with some flowers from the mountain to return to him for his wife.

Chances are high this promise will not be kept.

Minor details aside, Morrigan’s ‘blessed’ weapon begins to whisper to her to kill all her companions, over the night. Spurred into action on hearing the war with the spiders still rages back at Broadsea the team rides their mounts; Shadowfax (Duke), Blue (Aladon), Seabuscuit (Thea), Best Buy (Trask), and Lady Sunset Autumn Honey Purity Sunflower Rainbow (Morrigan), with great haste to the mountain and arrive within half a day.

Upon parking the horses (not by the lava, at Duke’s suggestion) the party sneaks their way inside the mountain. After several rope and rope ladder climbing related disasters, a few incidents of falling a hundred feet and landing badly, the party makes it to the higher parts of the giant cavern within the mountain, battered, tired, cranky, and mostly jealous of Thea’s ability to turn into a giant spider two times a day.

Shortly after dealing with a door puzzle involving sigils of bears, wolves, and butterflies- and fighting actual giant moths, the party enters a room of bones. The next door out is sealed shut, with four grooves etched into it. Searching the bone room, the party begins to find gems- which they determine to be the key to the mechanism, amid fighting the inevitable rising skeletons.

It is in the chaos that they hear the familiar horrifying voice. Aladon grows pale. Morrigan devolves into panicked hysteria. Trask has vietnam war flashbacks. Duke sweats… Thea does spider stuff.

Once again, Jappy has returned from the dead. And he has come back for REVENGEANCE. Also to do the bidding of his master and prevent the party from gaining the diamond they have come for. A verbal battle ensues between Jappy and Morrigan, doubting that the group has grown in power, only for his spell to be soundly halted in its tracks with a masterful counterspell from the Warlock- followed up by once again capturing him in Hold Person.

It was then, that the doors burst open. Everett Whitlock enters. He states that Jappy has failed him. He says that if something is to be done right… It must be done properly, himself. Everett delves into the mountain insearch fo the diamond to stop the group from succeeding, while a now free Jappy once again begins to cast a spell. With Morrigan sapped of energy to stop him again he summons the worst foe the party has faced yet. The broken skeletons upon the floor gather up into a huge skeletal dragon. Though Aladon makes very sure to set Jappy ablaze and once again turn him to ash with his sacred flame, the team finds discretion to be the better part of valor, fleeing for the door. The dragon’s poison breath incapacitates Aladon as he escapes the chamber and Trask is rendered collapsed and barely able to breathe. Duke swings in to the rescue, his deft footwork enabling him to slip past the dragon and start dragging Trask, while Thea drags Aladon to safety, as Morrigan shoots the dragon with enough force to shove it away from the door.

Tumbling through the open door in a panic, they slam it shut behind them and barely escape into the depths of the mountain with their lives.

Morrigan’s Notes:

Horse Salesman: Ewwww he was so SLIMY.

Ropes: I never want to climb again, I almost died like six times.

Door Puzzles: Bear wolf moth… Moth bear wolf… Wolf moth bear… Could we have maybe just smashed the doors down with a hammer? Would have been faster.

Skeletons: At this point I think my healthy paranoia about skeletons is founded. The others may say I’m crazy… But I can see the skeletons hidden inside them… Waiting to come out. Never trust skeletons.

Jappy: HOW. WHY?! WHY???



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