Put the kids to sleep. This session is rated RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Who said you can't smoke oregano

The group splits up. Rif, Elqen and Olly are trying to sneak aboard one of the merchants guild ships called the Recovery. Everett, Pestianne and Solel head over to the Mayor to try and convince him to lend them one of the City ships so they can set up a sting operation and figure out the cause of all the piracy. Back at the docs the stealthy portion of the party cme up with a plan to get aboard the ship. A spell that Elqen knows but hasn’t ever used in a real life situation yet. They sneak into the water and Elqen casts Rope Trick in a spot where he assumes the ships cargo hold would be when it finally docks. They pull themselves up into the extradimensional space and wait to pass through the ship as it docks. He was only slightly off the mark and they wind up in the crews sleeping quarters. Luckily no one was there and sneak their way into the cargo hold. With no one around they start to investigate the boxes and notice some of the logos that were stamped on them were different than the others. They start to pry open the boxes.

Back at the Mayors office the rest of the group convinces the Mayor that lending them the ship is in the city’s best interest. With the ship set to sail off in the morning they head back to the docks to check up on the rest of the group. Down in the cargo hold of the Recovery two of the ships crew walks down the stairs while our heros hide in the shadows. Olly uses some of this trickster magic to them off. He also uses his bird familiar to cause a distraction on the deck. Everyone is pretty concerned about the dancing bird on the ship at this point. Rif opens up a box filled with an unfamiliar substance. Pretty sure that it is some kind of drug Elqen offers to smoke it to make sure. Unfortunately it seems to have no effect. The other half of the group gets to the docks. Everett not one for waiting around goes walking up the ships ramp with authority and introduces himself to the Captain. Pointing at the new badges the group received they explain to the Captain they are here to make sure everything on the ship is up to code. As the Captain is getting sick of all the questions and accusations Rosco and some of the city guard board the ship and head to the cargo hold.

Down below the other part of the group point out the boxes they suspect contain something unusual.
After some testing it was found that the substance was in fact a spice that come from across the sea on a different continent. That kingdom has a trade embargo placed against it so this spice is very illegal to bring into Broadsea.

They next morning the group loads up the borrowed ship and heads out to sea to hopefully bait in some pirates. Sure enough after another session of prank wars concludes a ship in the distance apears and pull up right next to our heros ship. The pirates place longs planks of wood across the boats creating a bridge. Outnumbered out warriors lay waste to the pirates. Leaving one barely alive enough to squeeze some info out of him. What information does our barnacled bully have? …………………


courtneydotprice scottyridge

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