Dead Ends

More questions than answers, and a few close calls.

With the skeletons re-killed, Jappy put to final rest, and a quick rest trip back at the Tipsy Pelican to pick up the new misfit addition to the great team of misfits: Vincent, an elven wizard, the group was ready to make their real foray into the City of the Dead. Passing through the mausoleum, they encountered works of art and paintings on the walls depicting a race of lizard people battling massive blue spiders, before entering a dark chapel with a pool of blood in the center of the chamber.

Upon placing Jappy’s corpse in the blood pool it rose again and exploded in a hail of gore and bone. This called in the lizard people. Upset that their shrine and blood pool had been desecrated, the group made some poor first contact decisions that led to killing every single last one of the lizard people, a brief glimpse of a shadow that looked like Everett Whitlock walking by during the fight, and several familiar voices calling out.

Just around the bend, they met the Cancun, a mysterious and avaricious bird-like humanoid that had been mimicking Everett’s voice, along with several others. Though as far as the team could tell he spoke the truth about living in the mausoleum for so long, there was an oddity in his desire for them to slay a monster in the depths. One it claimed was a great threat to society.

Our misfits head down… And find a throne room under the crypts. On breaking the treasure chests present, they looted thousands of gold coins only to find that holding the cursed gold pieces prevented them from leaving.

Vincent and Morrigan, working together to search the room for traces of magic discover a false illusory wall in the back leading to a shrine. Once again there was a pit with a spike for blood sacrifices, and more art of lizard people against giant spiders. Yet in this place the art depicted the spiders eating the lizard people. Aladon offers up his own blood as sacrifice to the spike, and unlocks the chambers beyond. When the group returned to the throne room however, they were not alone. A very cross looking human woman was waiting, demanding answers, who they were, why her gold was scattered about; mostly because Morrigan dropped her share just to get into the next room. She was belligerent and angry, and nearly called her gaurds before Vincent subdued her with a spell of Suggestion, which made it easier for the others to get information from her.

Princess Dravinia, as she declared herself, explained that she worshipped her god, Great Spider, and the pooled knowledge of arcane and terrible extra planar beings between Vincent and Morrigan allowed them to determine the spiders in the art to be Phase Spiders, one of which was clearly passing itself off as a god. Dravinia explained that Pestiann Ksuls was also present, performing research, and led the group throug a room of her guards; large cyclopses.

Pestiann was less than inclined to help. The dragonborn was engrossed in her research, consumed by revenge and a desire to kill Everett, she was working on a poison extracted from the Phase Spider’s fangs. She only agreed to help if the other members of her old group could truly come together to stop Everett.

Exhausted and cranky, the team left the catacombs, encountering the Cancun again, who revealed his true motives: to acquire the vast sum of gold from below, but only if the spider was killed. They convinced him the spider was dead, when it turned out he has none of the valuable information on Everett that he promised in exchange for the original kill request.

They left the catacombs, satisfied, on hearing the doors slam shut and locked below. But it was a brief respite. Returning to the Tipsy Pelican, they encountered an ogre within, demolishing the building in search of Everett to kill him. Try as they might to calm him down, he attacked them, flinging Vincent out of the window and nearly killing him and Trask with thrown furniture. Aladon’s healing was strained to the limit and Vincent broke off from the fight to hide. In a rare moment of perfect lucidity, Morrigan reached into the Ogre’s mind to try and explain to him that they too sought out Everett Whitlock, but he was too single minded in his desire to kill and could not be talked down.

Morrigan captured him in a Hold Person spell and gave the ogre one last chance. He did not calm he did not concede. She smiled grimly as the others fell upon him with blade, warhammer, and spells while he could do nothing to defend himself. Vincent emerged again, longsword in hand and cleaved the ogre’s head from his shoulders and everyone promptly collapsed to rest and lick their extensive wounds.

Once again they found Solel, unconcious in the back room of the tavern. Grimly he informed them all that every one of Everett’s old enemies were returning. They would have to work fast to beat them all.

Morrigan’s Notes 3:

Vincent: I don’t think he likes me. I find it more amusing than anything.

Pestiann: This one is out ofr revenge! I wonder what the paladin did to her. Though I’m leery of her research with the Phase Spiders.

Princess Dravinia: All we did was try to take her gold, she didn’t need to get so upset. Everyone steals gold from everyone else all the time. What’s a Phase Spider Cult doing in the catacombs anyway?

Lizard People: So we accidentally defiled their church with a goblin corpse. At least we got rid of the damned thing. … I fear Trask might have carried it until it ripened. Besides, they weren’t angry for long before we solved the problem. By killing them. That really solves so many problems.

The Cancun: I still giggle every time I remember those doors locking in the darkness deep below the earth.


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