Chapter 2: Jappy To Meet You

Who thought bringing him along was a good idea?

Our intrepid band of misfits and outlaws return to the Tipsy Pelican with Elqen Naefir in tow, on of the original members of the team who had worked with the now tyrant paladin, Everett Whitlock, in tow. As they settled in for a brief rest, and to plan their next step with the Rebels before the king’s arrival in the next two days. Rumors were that Pestiann Ksuls had been spotted in the City of the Dead. But planning was cut short when the door flew open.

The breathless halfling was difficult to make out, but the gist of his panicked message was easy to decipher. The Thieves’Guild was under attack. Out of necessity and worry for losing Olly Baba and Riff, the group set out with haste to the Thieves’ Guild’s new location, at the old mermaid cave.

Arrival was met with stone silence. With the entrance locked and no one proficient in means to unlock it, Morrigan blasted the door open in one of her usual fits of pique. The entry hall was not empty. For bodies lay on the floor, but they quickly rose to face the party. They were mer-people. Though their coloration was odd and off, they moved to attack, amid cackling laughter from the back of the room.

“This is fun! This is fun!” It cried.

Somewhere in the chaos, a new challenger appeared. From nowhere, Duke arrived, turning the battle into a ballet of death with feats of acrobatics and knives flung a-plenty, while Morrigan’s own twisted laughter unsettled the mysterious voice as they killed the last of the mer-people.

“Not fun! Not fun at all!” Cried the voice from under Riff’s desk, as Duke tugged the originator of the laugh free from hiding. It was a goblin, and though he tried to flee, Trask caught him and held him up by the leg. He also shook him. It was hilarious. Though he didn’t think it was fun in the least.

Though the goblin introduced himself as Jappy and begged and pleaded to be set free, with promises of treasure and power and wishes, the group consensus was to use him to play bowling down the secret passage of the Thieves’ Guild back exit. The secret tunnel led through a darkened cave or murky green water, and Duke leapt into the water to save Jappy when he fell in and could not swim to freedom.

Much to the group’s horror, there was something IN the water. Something that tried to drag Jappy and Duke down, and cut the rope tied around Duke’s waist. Though both managed to free themselves from the water, Jappy also freed himself from the group.

And he summoned more monsters to piss them off.

Four giant spiders later, and the team managed to re-capture the rogue goblin despite his attempts to turn invisible. No one is sure who’s idea it was to bring him back to the Tipsy Pelican.

It was Duke’s idea.

It was a bad idea.

But a new friendship was in the beginning steps between Warlock and Cleric as Aladon and Morrigan quickly put aside their differences in their combined and growing hatred for the little bastard. The Master Bard, Solel, even stated Jappy was nothing but trouble, and the goblin pleaded for his freedom, begging the party to let him have fun, and that he would let them have fun in turn, in a magical house of gingerbread where children are taken.

This seemed like a massively bad idea.

But after a night’s rest and Olly Babam Riff, and Elqen returning to the Tipsy Pelican with bad news of a falling out with the mer-people, the decision was made to resume following the trail of Pestiann Ksuls, after Morrigan coerced Jappy into the location of the gingerbread house for later investigation. Alladon suggested bringing Jappy along to the City of the Dead. This too was a bad idea when the team arrived and the little bugger got free. He immediately set to ‘having fun’, summoning a massive horde of skeletons inside of the mausoleum they were exploring. The battle was hectic and tense, but the party pulled through with barely any injury at all and once more re-captured Jappy, rendering him unconscious and at the group mercy.

“I vote we befriend him.” Duke insisted.

Trask maintained stoic, intensely badass manly silence.

“Let’s bury him alive and watch him suffocate to death!” Morrigan squealed with glee.

Aladon just took out his crossbow and shot Jappy in the head. The true hero of the day.

Morrigan approves, (+10).


Aladon: Okay maybe I was wrong about this one. DEFINITELY useful to me. Not only has he kept me alive, he also did away with that nuisance goblin. Good riddance. I approve. On a random arbitrary scale of approval, he gets ten approval points.

Thea: She stood back at the Tipsy Pelican. I can’t really complain about her behind her back.I’ll wait until I’m behind her to complain.

Duke: This one isn’t all he seems. He just… Appeared in the middle of the fight in the Thieves’ Guild. I trust him less than I would trust myself, and I generally would not trust myself at all. I also do not trust his judge of character, if he is going to try to befriend creatures that are potentially hostile and hazardous to his, and by extension, my health.

Trask: The wall really is a better conversation partner. But he did pull through against the skeletons, and watching him shake Jappy like a baby did make me feel a little better.

Grand Master Paladin Awesome Everett Whitlock: Charmed by a hag. Has really poor taste in women.


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