Mind Your Manors

If it's not bolted down, it's lootable.

The group marches on the mayor’s manor, intending to confront the leader of the thugs and the last of his men, only to find Aladon already waiting for them at the gates, having felled like 20 of the bandits (it was actually six) already like some kind of divine badass. Now this leaves the issue of getting into the manor grounds with the gate locked. Spotting no one on watch, the team proceeded to ram themselves into with the help of the civilian mob until it broke down.

Morrigan attempts to actually use a door for once, but fails fiddling with her thieves’ tools and the group decides to smash in a window, Aladon climbing in to scout ahead before pulling the others up to join him.

Once inside the mayor’s house they raid the kitchen for food like hobos and find a path down into the cellar- after breaking Morrigan’s thieves’ tools in the lock before managing to get down into the basement. It’s not an ordinary basement though, when they get down there and face off against bandits and murder them.

After some shenanigans involving finding a pit trap and Aladon and Trask falling in ANYWAY, it was time to move on.

“How does it look down there?” Morrigan asked.

“… Like… hurt…” Aladon answered.

In the chamber beyond the team encounters the tomb of the mayor’s ancestors. Each casket is filled with gold and treasure. … And Morrigan starts looting. Though this is interrupted by two bandits, Trask dispatches one and Morrigan convinces the other to drop his weapons. Before she shoots him. He survives and starts to run, and the team gives chase only to lose him in the next hall, where they find an armory. And loot that too. Thea gets a lovely hat.

On returning to the casket room, the party heads through a different door, finding the mayor and several children from the town locked in a dungeon. Morrigan resumes looting and is pulled into a casket by a suddenly animated skeleton. The team ask the mayor to give them a few minutes and extricate Morrigan, as well as handle four very bewildered, very disarmed skeletons, as the warlock’s looting was that thorough.

With that new problem out of the way and Thea and Morrigan reconciling their differences they returned to the mayor and free him, and he doesn’t even think to ask about the commotion, or why all the gold is missing or the skeleton bones are strewn all over the next room.

Having gotten away with extremely grand larceny, desecration of the dead, , murder, breaking and entering, and countless other crimes, the mayor simply asks the group to bring him the head of the bandit leader, a man named Glass Finger, before leading them to a secret path in the armory hall.

The chamber beyond is vast and cavernous, built into the caves beneath the manor. Traversing a river, several more bandits, and what could possibly have been a dianoga in the water, the team escapes with some magical armor and an even further healthy paranoia about rapid waters.

Upon catching a breather, they move into the Alchemy lab where the mayor directed them, and after looting THAT too, they find Glass Finger. They find his coffin. On the ceiling.

The lid drops, and the vampire descends, offering to pay the group to leave- which would not be easy considering the door locked shut behind them. Though attempts are made to be reasonably agreeable to this, things change when the group finds out who the vampire IS. Morrigan is charmed as a result and pitted against the group when they attack Glass Finger, and yells terrible things about Aladon not being The Reverend. Thea restrains her in the form of a giant spider, but she quickly breaks free of the vampire’s mental control and the tide of the fight is turned.

Too injured to continue, Glass Finger turns into a bat and attempts to flee, only to be struck down. Taking on misty form and forced to return to his coffin, all the group has to do is look up to find him, and proceed to decapitate the vampire, steal his magical cape and call their day of murder and theft done before turning in to the mayor for their reward for being bloodthirsty problem solving vagrants.

-Morrigan’s Notes:_

Glass Finger: That bastard tried to enthrall me! Good riddance.

Loot: We’re RICH!


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