Pestiann Ksuls

Dragonborn Wizard


AC = 12
HP = 15
PP = 11


In the time of Pestiann’s great-great grandparents her family was part of the Prakants, a clan of Dragonborn sorcerers. This sorcerer clan believed that true magic was inborn and that wizards were not true magic beings, but mere magicians performing tricks.

At this time the Teratogen plague swept through the clan’s egg clutches. This plague caused many of the hatchlings to lose their magical ability including the use of their breath weapon. Those hatchlings affected like Pestiann’s great-grandparents were cast out and exiled from the clan. The hatchlings, although left for dead, survived by banding together and looking out for one another. Over time they formed a new clan and called themselves the Ksuls.

After three successive generations some hatchlings including Pestiann started to regain their breath weapon. Pestiann’s still surviving great grandmother, Yersinia, upon seeing that Pestiann had a breath weapon gave her a tome of magic and in which she had inscribed inside the cover, “Pestiann, magic is not just for those to whom it is inborn. Magic can also be learned.” Yersinia, a blue dragonborn, also told Pestiann about an ancient magical codex, containing powerful but unknown spells. This codex was long thought to be lost but Yersinia believed that this codex still existed and passed this belief onto Pestisann, though she has no idea where it resides. Pestiann studied the tome of magic from it learned spells, becoming a wizard.

Pestiann believes that the Prakants clan behaved immorally when it cast out their plague affected hatchlings no matter what their reasoning. She is proud of both her heritage as a Ksuls and that she bears a mark of her great grandmother; though Pestiann is a copper dragonborn like her parents; her scales have a blue edge like Yersinia’s blue scales.

Pestiann Ksuls

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