Olly Baba

Human Rogue


AC = 16
HP = 28
PP = 14

Background: Charlatan


Just a very concerned citizen. No need to ask too many questions.

Though if you must, it may be worth noting he has some flaws. Olly wears identities like clothes. He jokes at inappropriate times. He’s a chronic liar and a flake.

But he’s also pretty swell. He has a free spirit, and adamantly refuses to listen to anyone else no matter how sound their advice. He’s always helpful in a pinch, even pinches precipitated by one of his inopportune jokes. And he’s got a fey spider familiar named Charlotte, which I guess is pretty cool except Charlotte’s pretty much as much of a dick as Olly is. Pretty swell.

Originally from Broadsea, Olly left early on to find his place in the world. He makes his keep, to speak politely, as a purveyor of interesting facts. He periodically returns to Broadsea, but always goes abroad for “business.” (Don’t s*** where you eat, as it were.)

Olly allegedly spent some time in the mighty dwarven city of Khazad-Durham spreading and legitimating rumors of a blue devil’s influence in order to undermine political stability on behalf of a generous patron. Did it for the $.

He allegedly spent some time in the ailing dwarven city of Deeptroit undermining property values so shady real estate barons could snatch up whole neighborhoods on the cheap and flip them for a profit. Did it for the $.

He also allegedly stole the beard of the president of the Mining Guild of Mount Rushmog. Did it for the lulz? Really unclear with this guy.

He’s taken some pretty weird risks to make a buck, and he’s clearly fleeced the wrong people. But he’s totally not a weird guy at all.

He’s really short and likes to pretend he’s a dwarf. Also, he might still keep in his satchel the aforementioned dwarven mining guild president’s beard. Allegedly. Totally not weird.

But really, he’s just a very concerned citizen.

Olly Baba

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