Elqen Naefir

Wood-Elf Ranger


AC = 16
HP = 41
PP = 14

Weapons: long bow, short sword

Favored Enemy: Beasts +2 damage

Natural Explorer

Deep stalker (120ft Dark Vision)


-Hired gun for monster slaying, works through a middleman
-Specializes in dragons
-Left home as a young teen

- Elqen and Solel met at the tavern, skill exchange, Elqen brought him into the adventure life
- Elqen and Everett had some friendly competition as monster hunters, happened to be fighting the same monster and worked together to survive
- Elqen initially distrusted luna, but warmed up because he loves magic

- 112 years old, 6’1" 193 lbs, yellow eyes, light skin, long brown hair
- member of the Society of Shadows (world class fighters and magic wielders)
- Elqen was given to them after they saved his village from a vampire attack
- The “SoS” is called only in dire situations
- The Collector negotiates terms with the employer and takes payment
- Members are marked by a tattoo that is also used to locate members (Elqen’s is on his left shoulder)
- Animal messenger drops off instructions on where to meet the collector
- 79 ranked members, Elqen is ranked 17

Elqen Naefir

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